Lagotto Romagnolo Breeding

by Patrizia Giorgeschi’s Giorgi’s Labrador breeding

Allevamento lagotto romagnolo Lamporecchio, Toscana

Why Lagotto Romagnolo?

Living with and for dogs for over twenty years, I wanted to get closer to this very nice Italian breed.

At the beginning it was the curiosity of wanting to get to know her, having colleagues who raise her. Then slowly I started to know her and fall in love with her!
The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient dog, from an aquatic dog over time it has become a phenomenal truffle hunter. His marked aptitude for research, great trainability and excellent sense of smell have made him an effective truffle dog.


When you come to me, don’t come to my farm, come to my house, you will find a few hairs, perhaps a poop but you will find a happy person who will always welcome you with a smile regardless of how our chat will go, don’t be annoyed if I ask you a few questions about your life, I’m only doing it because I have to understand what life the puppy I raised can have, if you’re not suitable for me I’ll tell you, indeed I’ll kindly let you understand.

A dog is for life, it’s not him who asks to come to your home, it’s a choice you make!



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